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The Environment – recap

October 27, 2011 in Reflections

Great meeting on the environment and global warming tonight! Thanks to Robbie for showing us slides about his work in Antarctica to study climate. Visit to see a great video about economics, government and environmental issues regarding our resource use and culture. Please link your friends here and feel free to discuss what we talked about!



October 20, 2011 in Reflections

Tonight we discussed activism and what is it good for, from this workshop we learned that we are all activists one way or another. For the activity we acted out as workers  with horrible conditions for a shoe company. With the activity we learned how the workers felt when they were yelled at and rushed. When they felt they wanted to quit but they were to scared to. In the discussion we spoke about what activism is and how it’s useful to us. We came up with our own petition to get better school lunch. We brainstormed great ideas and we hope to see that in the future.

Self-Esteem and Identity

October 13, 2011 in Reflections

Tonight we discussed about Self-Esteem and identity. This topic helped us realize who we really are. For the activity we made our own ID cards. On the ID cards we wrote positive things, or things we liked about ourselves. Then we shared out to the group. We discussed why self esteem is important and how it might affect others around us. We looked closely into self confidence and how it boosts our self esteem. We had a lot of fun discussing this with our fellow peers and we hope to see more people at our workshops.

See you soon!

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