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Earth Day 2012, Environmental Problems & Solutions!

May 2, 2012 in Add on to meeting., Reflections

For our closing go-around the question posed to TREA members was: What is an environmental problem and what is a possible solution? Check out our awesome ideas!

Problems & Solutions

Lack of trees and green space: Plant more trees, actively support green space in your community, and on rooftops as well!•    

Using so much gas: Convert your car to use vegetable oil, or bike more!

Stop tree ‘hating’ (littering around trees, mistreating trees, etc): More park rangers, step up to support the trees.

People who are uneducated about nature and don’t understand it’s important: Talk to people about the importance of nature: how plants filter the air, de-stress people, how roots take in stormwater, how trees provide shade, aesthetics and peace, etc.

Cigarette smoking and smog’s impact on air pollution: Support people to smoke less, plant more trees, use less resources that create pollution

Using unnecessary power: Unplug appliances when not in use (appliances plugged in can use 10% phantom power from the grid, using unnecessary  energy and adding cost to utility bills)

Cars! (pollution and traffic): Carpool, ride a bike, take the bus

Running water and fresh water scarcity: Turn off water when not in use (like when doing dishes or brushing teeth)

Death of bird species/ endangered birds: Create more avian habitats/ learn to recognize bird species and celebrate birds and biodiversity.

Excessive waste/ garbage: Be mindful of our trash/ try to use less energy (NYC trash gets trucked or barged as far as Virginia. How much less waste can you create??)

Littering: Don’t litter! Call friends out when they do it. Help to create a cleaner and safer community

People don’t recycle enough: Recycle more, re-use more, and in general use less! Keep it Simple.

Blue Gold : World Water Wars

January 6, 2012 in Add on to meeting., Reflections

Yesterday we watched this film. There was a lot of talk about starting to do something. Can you guys leave some of the ideas that where tossed around. Maybe organize to do that bake sale. ETC.

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