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Fantastic Mr. Fox- recap

November 4, 2011 in Reflections

We watched Fantastic Mr. Fox today. It was an amazing film! We discussed about social, political, and environmental issues. It was a great film that taught us about community. We spoke about what it meant to be a community and why it is important. The movie covered a lot of the issues that are happening today. We were able to relate the movie to our lives.  We learned about the importance of unity. It was a great lesson to be learned! Please feel free to discuss what we talked about. Don’t forget to bring your friends along!


November 2, 2011 in Reflections

Our workshop on environmental issues, it was a great and productive workshop. We had the honor to having our guest speakers named Robbie and Suzie join us for our workshop. Robbie showed us amazing photographs of his trip to Antarctica.  The pictures were beautiful and it made us realize the harm that we were doing to our environment. TREA is now more aware of the environment, and we are taking more responsibility in protecting our planet! The workshop was useful and important.

The Environment – recap

October 27, 2011 in Reflections

Great meeting on the environment and global warming tonight! Thanks to Robbie for showing us slides about his work in Antarctica to study climate. Visit to see a great video about economics, government and environmental issues regarding our resource use and culture. Please link your friends here and feel free to discuss what we talked about!


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